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Since 2020, I've been making Tumblr themes and layouts for Neocities.
Below is my catalog of free to use codes. It looks small for now, but
I'm currently remaking all 30 or so of my codes.

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You may:
- Change parts of the code
- Edit credit link appearance
You may not:
- Change the credit link
- Redistribute as your own

Please follow these rules!~~
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Nostalgia 98
Current version: v1.0.1
Released 11/14/2022

Live previews: 1 and 2
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Features: Win98 UI, custom music player, basic links as desktop folders, final folder clicks to show another pop-up with 3 custom links, sidebar, music, link tab, and folders can be clicked and dragged, name input to appear on tabs' header

Customization: 11 image options, which include sidebar icon, music player, link tab, 5 for each folder link, background, favicon, and cursor. Custom two-tone tab header gradient, basic color customization (link, text, selection)

Options: Custom cursor, cover background image, heart shaped icon, circle icon, bold links, and glowing links