Welcome to Shenanigans!
A website owned by France La'Lune.

Shenanigans will be used to display my coding abilities, to put my web design skills to the test, as a hub to express myself both in written word and website design, and to host my creations.

I also aim to create deco and codes that others can use and share. I've been coding since 2020, and I started out coding Tumblr themes from mobile. I love old web, and I think a lot of my creations and web design reflect this.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Highlights: Revamped website,
new deco page & codes...

I have much to say, as there have been many changes, so to sum it up... Website overhaul, new Website Deco page, "districts" have been changed to "fountain", future plans.

As you see, I did an entire OVERHAUL of Shenanigans... I want the website to be even more personal. I thought the old design was far from being the most personal, and honestly it was just a little outdated! I hope it looks alright! I will hopefully continue to build off this design and make it look prettier as time goes on.

In other news, to reflect old websites that I love so, I changed some things to reflect that, like my "districts" pages have been changed to "fountain," because fountains use water and water goes in many directions...

Shenanigans now has a Website Deco page. It includes some basic ways to make sites look prettier! So far, it includes button links, borders and fonts, but I will add more things soon. I also plan to make a title creator and button creator for personal use sometime in the future.

At the top left is my to-do list that I will hopefully plan to have marked off everything in February. My next goal is to update the layout to the Code Catalog, add new codes, and add indiviual pages for each code. I plan to revamp this page similar to the front page, and will be hosting my codes here on my site and Github from now on.


To-do List
updated 1/26/2023

1. Update site...
2. Update Catalog...
3. Add new code...
4. Update Deco...
5. Create Info...
6. Create Shrines...
7. Create Gallery...
8. Create Diary...

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